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Minnesota Donkey & Mule Club Meeting Minutes

Saturday, January 7, 2006 Pizza Cellar, Blooming Prairie, MN


The meeting was called to order by Betty Smith, in the absence of President, Mandy Groe,  with 38 members present.  Everyone introduced themselves at the beginning of the meeting.  The 2005 meeting  Minutes were read and approved. Motion by Tony Govin; 2nd Jan Peterson.  


Terri Hurley mentioned that Mandy and Sean Groe had a new baby girl on Dec. 26th.  Mandy was unable to be at the meeting due the new baby and  her father's illness.


Terri Hurley gave the Treasurer's Report.  On Nov. 15 - balance in the checkbook was $2,909.77.   Expenditures included: Web host - $167.40;  Calendars - $130.00. Income of $100 -   Leaving an ending balance of $2,712.37.   Treasurer's report was approved by unanimous vote.



Minnesota Horse Expo - Dates: April 28, 29, 30, 2006 -  After some discussion, a motion was made by Jim Crowl, 2nd by Carolyn Burnap to approve $700 to be spent on the MN Horse Expo.  Six hundred ($600) dollars for the fees charged by the Expo and up to $100 designated for additional arm band/passes for members who come to the Expo to help sit at the MDMC booth.  Gary Wagnaaer volunteered to be the chairperson for this event and asked that anyone interested in bringing animals and/or helping at the Expo should contact him.


Tony Govin brought up an idea of having some kind of directory available at the MN Horse Expo of members who may have animals for sale or other horse/mule/donkey related items.   If anyone would like their name on the directory or information included, contact Terri Hurley or Kay Stanton.


Trail Rides:  

Spring Trail Ride - Host: Al & Trish Hopp - Location: Zumbro Bottoms - 

Dates: May 13-14, 2006  - Camping fees paid to the park.   Al will double check these dates to be sure that the yearly Motor Cross Event held at Zumbro Bottoms would not be going on during that weekend. 


Fall Trail Ride - Host: Sonny Frietag - Location: LeSuerer Saddle Club

Dates: September 16 & 17, 2006 - Camping fee: $10/person.  Facilities include trails; electrical hook-ups; water and arena.


A motion was made by Jan Peterson, 2nd by Don Kevilus that the club provide meat to grill for the Saturday evening pot-luck suppers at the Spring Ride and Fall Ride.   Approved by unanimous vote.


Last Chance Trail Ride - Host: Dallas Smith - Location: Valley View Campground at Fort Ridgley State Park (weather permitting).  MEA weekend in October - Camping fees paid to the park.  


Watch the newsletter for possible date changes.


2006 Shows:

The following are the scheduled area Donkey & Mule Shows.  Contact person for each show listed.

Kiester  - Horse & Mule Fun Show - Saturday, June 24 - Merrill & Debi Bernau

Kasson Donkey & Mule Show - Saturday, July 15 - Lori Hall

Blue Earth  Donkey & Mule Show - Saturday, July 29 - Mandy Groe

Austin Donkey & Mule Show - Wednesday, Aug. 10 or Saturday, August 12 - Gary Wagenaar

Fairmont Donkey & Mule Show - Thursday, Aug. 16 - Del & Karen Whitaker

Windom Donkey & Mule Show - Sunday, Aug. 20 - Dallas & Betty Smith


Questions regarding whether or not Steve Edwards would be coming back to judge the Windom show and whether there would be another Clinic held were asked.  Steve Edwards will be coming to Windom in August to again do a Clinic and will be judging the Windom Show.   After some discussion regarding location of the State Show, a motion was made by Don Kevilus ,  2nd by Terri Hurley,  to have the State Show be held in Windom this year. Passed by unanimous vote.


Other Area Events:  

Del Barker mentioned that the Lake Crystal Saddle Club will be having it's annual Swap Meet in  Lake Crystal at the American Legion Club on March 8th from 6-9 p.m.  Anyone interested in coming or having a display or booth would be most welcome.  Cost of a booth/table is $20.  For more information or to reserve a booth contact Del Barker at 507-947-3670.


To promote more member participation at the Annual Meeting, scheduled shows and trail rides, the idea was presented by Dallas Smith that each time a member participates (shows in at least one class)  in any of the  6 shows listed above, attends the Annual Meeting, attends the annual Fall & Spring Trail rides, or brings in a new member, their name will be entered into a drawing for a chance at a several prizes, at the end of the year.  A motion was made by Don Kevilus , 2nd by Jan Peterson, to approve up to $300 matching funds to purchase items for this drawing.   Sponsorships are encouraged from  members and/or businesses to bring in enough money to purchase items to be given away. Depending on the amount of money raised,  items to be considered include possibly a saddle; saddle pads; breast collar; halters; etc.   It was decided that the drawing would take place following the Windom Show this year.  This year's Fall Ride participation will be included in the 2007 drawing.


Club Clothing Purchase

 Kara Paulson brought samples of embroidery for club T-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts.  A motion was made by Al Hopp, 2nd by Beth Smith, to spend $500 to get some shirts/sweatshirts made to be available for purchase at the Spring Ride.  If members wanted to special order their shirt(s) or other clothing items , they should contact Kara Paulson at 507-256-4304.


Terri Hurley asked the club to approve a club "DEPOSIT" stamp in the amount of $25.  A motion was made by Jan Peterson, 2nd by Merrill Bernau, to approved the purchase of this stamp.  Approved by unanimous vote. Terri Hurley will purchase the stamp.


A motion was made by Gary Wagenaar, 2nd by Carolyn Burnap to pay Ken Heimendinger $200 for this year to continue to maintain and update the MN Donkey & Mule Club website.  After some discussion it was decided that Ken should be asked if he would be willing to continue to offer this service and if this token of money is enough.  Carolyn Burnap volunteered to contact Ken to see if he is still willing to be the Website manager and if the amount of money offered would be acceptable.  A motion by Eddie Ordalen, 2nd by Jan Peterson, to vote on this item will at the Spring Ride.  Passed by unanimous vote.


Jon Olson gave an update on Dick Roker's health as he has been quite ill in the past months.  A motion was made by Jon Olson, 2nd by Don Kevilus to spend up to $50 to send flowers to Dick.  Passed by unanimous vote.   Jan Peterson made a motion to to name Dick & Phyllis Roker as honorary, lifetime members to the MN Donkey & Mule Club.  Second by Don Kevilus .  Passed by unanimous vote.


Election of officers:

President - Dwight Smith

Vice -President - Kara Paulson

Secretary - Betty Smith

Treasurer - Terri Hurley

Newsletter Editor - Jan Bernau

Photographer - Debi Bernau

Director (3 yr. term) - Al Hopp

 Current Directors:

  1 year remaining - Jon Olson

  2 years remaining - LeRoy Thoreson


After some discussion regarding postage costs and other expenses related to the Newsletter printing, Al Hopp made a motion with a second by Leon Dumsdorff, to give a check in the amount of $250 to Jan Bernau to purchase items needed  for the upcoming newsletter expenses.  She will keep receipts of expenditures and submit them to the treasurer at the end of the year.   Al Hopp then amended his motion to include up to an additional $600 to Jan to purchase a new printer for the club, 2nd by Leon Dumsdorff.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.


A motion by Beth Smith, second by Jan Peterson to adjourn the meeting.


Tony Govin played some music as people made their last bids for items on the silent auction.


Respectfully submitted by Betty Smith, Secretary


This had to be the most relaxing weekend I've had all summer.  What a great bunch of people!  Wayne and I arrived VERY late on Friday night, or was it very EARLY Saturday morning?  We tried not to wake up the whole camp, but weren't very successful.  Outside of a little rain early Saturday morning, the weather was beautiful.  


We had a small group for the weekend, attendees were; Jon & Carolyn Olson, Dick & Phyllis Roker, Arnie Dick, Ted Johnson, Matt Johnson, Barnie & Terri Wall, Mike Lamfers & Darles Schwartz, Bill Miller, and Wayne & Jan Petersen.  We were very happy to have Dick and Phyllis join us Saturday, it was good to see and talk to them, as we haven't seen them all summer.


 The early birds went for a ride Friday evening.  Saturday morning we went for a ride and came back to camp for dinner together at the shelter.  We did not have anyone come to drive a team and wagon, so we hit the trails again that afternoon.  We had our potluck at about 5:30 PM on Saturday.  After that we rode again, on some trails that I have never been on.  Mike led us to the west of camp.   Sunday morning we had a community breakfast, at the shelter again.  We also went for a Sunday morning ride, after which everyone packed up and left for home.

 Jan Petersen


Just in, Blue Earth State Show Results, click here!

The Austin Mule Show was unlike any I'd attended before. It had been raining since 2:00 am. Rain was pouring down all afternoon. Water was running in the car doors in the parking lot, and rivers were running through the arena. Streets were closed that were under water. Quite a few brave souls stuck it out for the show, most of which was held on one spot that only had a couple inches of water on it.  The judges (yours truly and Wilbur Schmoll) did not want the job at all, judging all our friends. Every class had excellent animals in it, and many times we got a coin out to decide the winner, but never used it, as many times you would wait and see if you saw something just a bit better in one animal than the other and make a decision. I announced there was no dress code, so folks showed in rain gear and boots. I also made it clear the show was about having fun, so at times someone smiling won over a prune-face if their performance was about equal. I hadn't been to a show for 2 years or more so it was fun to meet the new folks and see how the stock has improved in just that amount of time.

Dallas and Betty Smith pulled off the best show I've ever been to at Windom. No kidding. It was fun and educational. There were nearly 40 animals, and a good crowd in the stands. Steve Edwards, mule trainer, was the judge. He wore a headset and talked all the time so the crowd and other exhibitors could hear what he was thinking of the animals. He was basically holding a clinic while judging, as when he saw a handler having problems he explained why the problem was occurring, and how to correct it. He would point out what he liked about an animal as he was inspecting it, and what he didn't sometimes. He too was amazed at the quality of the stock, and had a difficult time determining the placings in each class.  The night before the show a guy who will remain nameless asked me to ride a donkey of his. I have never seen a donkey buck, but that thing pitched like a good horse or mule a third of the way down the arena. As Mr. Edwards said that day, if anyone had problems he wanted to hear a big YEE HAH!, so I yelled and had a nice ride. My thighs are all bruised from the swells on the saddle. Good thing I had a britchen on. Then the next day I asked to ride a mule in Men's Pleasure. It had a new britchen on that was hastily put on, and put on wrong. So when we went to lope I got the opportunity to do the YEE HAH! again. Each direction. The mule didn't buck near as hard as the donkey. The trail class was unique to say the least. Just got the show placings in, click here to get to them. One of the Hurley girls won high point. I really really like Terry Hurley's jack. He is as typey and correct as you'll ever find. I wanted to give him Grand Champion at Austin, but that class was Wilbur's call. I did give him first in halter however.

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