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Miniature donkeys must be under 36", but under 34" is the preferred size.  We encourage breeding for soundness and conformation instead of just trying to get as little a donkey as possible.  With linebreeding you have to be careful to check for parrot mouths and monkey mouths.  In any breed of animal when you attempt to get them huge, small or anything else not the norm, you run the risk of getting bad characteristics.  Conscientious breeders such as MDMA members John and Mary Block, (with Bert and Earnie, below) and others in the MDMA and ADMS have succeeded in maintaining a line of miniatures that make wonderful pets and driving animals with soundness, disposition and conformation a priority.


John Block driving Burt & Earnie hitched to a miniature covered wagon built just for them.. Burt & Earnie have appeared many times in the Minnesota State Fair Parades and the Minneapolis Holidazzle Parades as well as many other appearances from Iron World to the Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan.

Burt & Earnie are winners of the American Donkey and
Mule Society "Versatility Hall of Fame Award"  plus they hold additional "Honor Roll Awards"  They are also two of the first donkeys to win the National Miniature Donkey Association "Ambassadors for the Breed" Award.