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Mammoth Jackstock was first introduced to this country by George Washington who was given a couple mammoth jacks by the King of Spain.  They were large donkeys, intended for draft purposes.  Today refinement has been bred in, while trying to retain the good temperament of the mammoth stock.  Mammoth jacks cross well with saddle horses as well as draft mares.  Packers and outfitters insist on mules by mammoth jacks to get a good disposition on mules for their clients' safety, as well as having strong enough legs to hold up to packing large loads in the mountains.  Trail riders look for the same attributes as well.



Moose is a 16 hand mammoth jennet who could get out and go with the best of them!


Not a good picture, but a near perfect mammoth jennet.  Her last two foals have won the Missouri and Kentucky state fairs.  She is wide, has very long ears, and almost perfect conformation.  Gary Wagenaar has a black mammoth jack out of Miss Ruth he is standing at stud.


Undisputedly the best mammoth jack the midwest has seen for a long time, the late Henry sired big mules with SUPER dispositions.  His excellent conformation and disposition was passed on to quite a few mules in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.  Just 14 hands, he had the disposition of his two mammoth parents, taking after his sire's size (14 hands, a grandson of Siemon's Glen) but producing large mules, probably getting that from his 15.1 hand mother Melissa.  This is the kind of jack that produces superior saddle mules.  He had decent size, good bone and good disposition.



A couple big Iowa jennets




Bud Burnap and one of his mammoth jacks, now owned by Tim and Vickie Johnson of Zimmerman, Minnesota.  This is a son of "The Campbell Jack", who was the leading sire of top  mules in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee for over 20 years.


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Mammoth Jackstock