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How it Works....

The mules in the jumping classes are grouped by animal height, with mules in a certain height range competing against each other.  The initial jump is made by setting the jump at the chest height of the smallest mule in the class.  The bar is a smooth pvc pipe sitting on dowels which knocks down easily should the mule bump it, thereby avoiding any injury to the mule.  The mule must enter a boxed area behind the jump, come to a standstill, then has a time limit in which to make the jump.  The animal gets two attempts if it either runs out of time, steps out of the box, or knocks down the jump.  As mules are eliminated, the winner is left.  The bar is raised in 2" intervals.  Mules love to jump, making them great for coon hunting.



This nice looking grey mule is eager to jump, with the owner simply hanging onto the leadrope.


The bar is taller than this mule's back and it's not too sure it wants to jump, although the previous jump at 2" less was a clean jump.  It did go on to clear the jump!



The handler's technique has a lot to do with it!  Note the leg action!




Another good jumper!


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From a standstill, mules can jump obstacles several inches taller than the mule's back!



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