Carolyn Burnap
8536 North Branch Road SE
Chatfield, MN  55923
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Chance Hollow Mules is located in the scenic hills near Chatfield in Southeastern Minnesota.  Within its beautiful rivers, hills and valleys and large pastures filled with hundreds of cattle, horses, mules and mammoth jacks and jennets, you can find just the right mule for your needs.  Carolyn has had mules for over 20 years and they are consistent show ring winners in Western and English Pleasure as well as Halter Classes.  Most of the time you will find Carolyn doctoring, dehorning and branding cattle with her mules.  Although her passion is Thoroughbred mules, the Burnaps also raise mules out of Foundation Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Percheron mares, crossed with their modern mammoth jacks.

Carolyn with a 2 yr old QH mule and prospective buyer at mule show.


This is a picture of Sonnet. She's a 4-year old molly out of a registered Thoroughbred mare and a mammoth jack who is for sale.

I am offering for sale two of my mule foals.  There is a tall straight legged john mule out of a registered quarter mare and a pretty molly out of the App mare.  Both are very friendly and have nice conformation.  They will be available at weaning.  The john is white and should be great for leading trail rides at night.   The molly is a red bay.  The mothers of these mules consistently put out foals that are easy to work with.


This nice mule is a three year old, red dun gelding.  He's 13.1 hands.  He's an excellent driving mule on my Meadowbrook cart.  I ride him Western, English and bareback.  He's got a good attitude.   He doesn't like his ears messed with yet, but that will come.  He picks up all 4 feet, once he trusts you, and likes attention.



We also have a yearling and a two year old appaloosa mule.  They are friendly
and get in your face for attention.  They are both roans with some spots but
keep changing color.  They are getting more colorful with age.